Sri Vidya

The founder of Picnic Pavilion. From a former corporate professional to an event-planning juggernaut she brings the best of creative ideas for your entertainment. She has a proven expertise of conducting team building exercises for the corporate.


An MBA professional with a vast experience in the corporate empowers us with his perfect administrative skills and also provides logistic support for all the events.

DJ Eldon

Young, vibrant and a popular club DJ, lifts your feet off the ground with his dazzling sounds of music. Also an experienced sound engineer provides high definition sound services to all our events.


A B.Com graduate possessing excellent coordination skills. His expertise helps in putting the right number of people, right kind of people at the right place, right time doing the right thing.

M.Srinivasa Goutham (Marketing Executive)

A BBA graduate wearing the cap of marketing executive supports us in developing our business.Having obtained an adequate understanding of the event market through research makes us more efficient in promotional activities.

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